Monday, July 9, 2007

So many books for girls, so little time

Dear Duck and Snake (your two favorite noises to make right now):

Your Da! and I have spent a lot of time reworking the inner vibes of the house, which in the process uprooted our best book storage. Since we've been trying to get rid of some, it's probably for the best. But, now my attic office looks more like some hole-in-the-wall used bookstore with much less quaintness, but probably just as steamy hot.

Now that I can see most of the books I've been harboring for so long, I can see why. I love them all, even the ones I haven't read. But, especially, the ones I have read and felt changed after reading them.

As previously promised, I'm going to tell you about some of the best ones, and why I'm keeping them with hopes that some day your eyes will read down the same pages.

The novel I'm talking about today is actually my newest purchase, and it was for my book club.

I'm talking about Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See.

I recommend this book for no other reason than to learn how other girls have lived, what other women have suffered through, quietly.

Our book club had a lot to say about this book, and most of us agreed that we would not be able to endure what those girls endured through the torture of foot binding, but also the soulless life they lived afterwards because they couldn't easily walk and so they practically lived in one room.

I did, however, enjoy the idea of having a group of women who were bound to you for life. I think it's a great idea and that motherhood would be easier if we had such a support group.

Any book that can both keep you turning the pages while offering a passport to another culture, another world is worth keeping around.

But, sadly, that means something has to go. You know this. I'm choosing to send two books packing this time, both by Author Anita Shreve: The Pilot's Wife and All He Ever Wanted. I only read the first, and I really liked it, but it's not something I can see passing along for deeper meaning.

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