Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sweet, mind-boggling mysteries from last week

Why after a three-hour afternoon car ride, my babies decided to finally fall asleep the second we turned into the driveway to go home.

Why a petrified pea or a derelict sticker found on the floor easily slides into my toddlers’ mouths, but they kick, fight, turn up their noses and throw my perfectly cooked, fresh dinner on the floor.

Why one night they gobble up said perfectly freshly cooked food, and the next night flat-out refuse all of it, even though it’s the same exact meal.

Why it takes 13 and 18 miles, respectively, to get them to fall asleep in the car, but only 10 miles for them to be woken by a freaking fire truck siren.

Why feces can entertain my toddlers anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours, but the most expensive toy in our playroom keeps their attention for nothing more than 95 seconds.

Why some people feel spending their life savings on fireworks for one lousy night of the year is a good idea even though their decisions wake up sleeping babies who are afraid of loud noises.

Why my toddlers are afraid of loud noises, like air conditioners and vacuum cleaners, yet feel it's perfectly fine and fun to scream at the top of their lungs after each meal, and before bed each night.

What’s your latest mystery?


slouching mom said...

These are great!

Let's see...

A toy that hasn't been played with in months piques the interest of one of my boys. Instantaneously, the other boy cries, "But I wanted to play with that!"


bella said...

The fear of loud noises while perfectly with the sound of screaming is a big one at our home.

My other recent mysteries:
my son freaks out over his dirty body - the sticky hands, the foot fuzzies, the freckles on his leg he is convinced are specks of dirt - but protests and cries taking a bath, avoiding them like the plague.

He begs to watch a movie and then when I finally turn one on, he watches for a few minutes, sometimes even seconds, and then walks away or starts playing with something else.

Shannon said...

I'm so there with you on the food mystery! Why is mac & cheese their favorite food on Sunday but on Monday they act like I'm trying to poison them with it???

My mystery is: Why can I repeat things a hundred times a day--juice, puppy dog, truck, may I have it please--but I take a fall down the stairs and mumble "shit" once and it's my son's new favorite word???

Wendy said...

My mystery is concerning "Dada"...

Why does he insist on putting the automatic transmission in neutral every time we stop at a red light, BUT then forget to put it in drive when the light turns green?

Why does he say that he "can't finish cleaning up the dinner dishes for me and watch our son at the same time" while our son is sitting in the highchair?

Why does he find the local petting zoo "to oppressive and depressing", BUT will think nothing of wolfing down a burger or a piece of chicken?

More Wonders here...

Wendy said...

Sorry...hyperlink not working. here's the url

Wendy said...

ok last time from the sleep deprived.

Chris Austin-Lane said...

Why can't I tell the difference between roughhousing that ends in two hysterically laughing children and roughhousing that ends in hair being pulled and arms twisted? They sound so so similar - is it just bad luck?