Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is a story about poop

Instead of publicly thanking MamaBlogga for honoring me with a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award -- my very first blogging award -- and then bestowing the title on other rockin' girl bloggers, I'm going to write about Zen.

Zen for me was starting this day knowing that finally, finally, finally the girls would be moved into their bigger room, the same room we had been preserving for guests -- like grandmothers -- to spend nights upon nights in order to be with their granddaughters as much as possible. Since that isn't happening, we decided to give that precious room to Jadyn and Liana.

Zen for me was knowing that instead of being crammed into their quaint little nursery-sized room any longer, we would all comfortably sit on the floor to read books, giggle and dance before bed and first thing each morning. After all, some of the best moments in motherhood are at the start and end of the day.

Zen for me was realizing how hard we have worked this last week in both painting the dining room and then the new girls' room. It was a ton of work, but all really worth it -- even if Da! and I didn't have much of a relaxing vacation. We were productive, and productive has its merits, too.

Zen for me was sitting back, cross legged on the floor, and staring up at my sweet, freshly bathed girls in their cribs, now next to each other like true twins. They practiced flopping back on their crib mattresses, as if they were as new as the room. They practiced touching hands through the crib slats, and then giggled.

Zen for me was sitting on my bed, close to the monitor, sorting through mounds of recipes to figure out what to buy at the store -- while listening closely to each sound they made during their first few minutes alone, at bedtime, in their new room. All was quiet; I was proud. Those books I gave them before parting ways must have been all they needed. I couldn't believe how adapted they became to the new room so easily. What great baby girls they are!

Zen for me was writing down every essential grocery item needed for the next two weeks, including two meals for families who have welcomed new babies recently. I love thinking of ways to help new mothers of twins; I so needed all the help I could get in that first year. Chocolate chip cookies were among those favorites of mine.

Zen became a bit scattered in the next few minutes, though. Liana screamed. I mean, screamed, like a boogie man jumped out of the closet or like her leg was cut off by the air conditioner. I ran in to see what was the matter.

There, I found her sitting comfortably, smiling by this point. Her fingers were covered in black goo. As I try to move her out the mess, which was scattered about on her mattress, I searched around and around the new room for what she could have gotten a hold of that would be so black, so sticky -- all the while I'm gathering it up, blotting the big piece with the little shards, like Play-doh. Then, it hits me ... the smell, perhaps, the feeling of it, the color ... it was poop. She had been playing with shit.

But, wait, where did this Shit come from? Wait. Jadyn had been the one to seem like she needed to poop right before bed. Jadyn was the one.

Zen, for me, is realizing that my almost 18-month-old twin daughters just spent the last 10 minutes of their lives learning to share for the very first time by passing turds back and forth between their cribs.

Zen hit me again, while they were soaking in their second bath for the night, when I realized that playing with poop is a lot like playing with Play-doh, only they try to eat Play-doh.

Oh, goodness ...


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

:) Gotta love kids!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

Goodness is right! We've gone through the "diaper fishing" stage, and now use an old fashioned diaper pin in the back of their pj's to limit access. In winter, we put their blanket sleepers on backwards - this works surprisingly well if they're a little on the big side. You have a great attitude about it all! If the options are to laugh or cry, I always laugh.

Kasie Sallee said...

Oh my goodness! LOL! These Mommy days. One day, when they're grown, you can embarrass them with that story.

Shannon said...

OMG!!! I had to share this one with my hubby who, after we spent a few minutes laughing and cringing said, "wait a minute...they don't try to eat poop?"
Have a happy 4th! Hope the girls like the fireworks.

Colleen said...

That was the best laugh I've had in days!!! Glad my son is past that stage...but instead he's in the "I'm getting potty-trained and am in underwear and don't mind scratching my crack in the middle of the grocery store while showing everyone my crack".
At least they learned to share! :)

RebeccaB said...

...oh wait a minute, not everyone plays with their poop? ...kidding

:)I had this really long comment and then realized oh how gross it was so I had to delete!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how enlightened you are. Here is a quotation from a Zen teaching out of the Tang Dynasty (600 AD) in China:

Mumonkan - Case 21: Dried Dung

A monk asked Ummon:
"What is Buddha?"
Ummon answered him:
"Dried dung."

Well, at least it was dried.

Jennifer said...

Oh. So you have been there. Poor, poor thing.