Sunday, July 1, 2007

What's in a name?

Dear Jadyn and Liana,

When I started this blog earlier this year, I thought I would be writing to myself, mostly. I've been used to writing for an audience, but never one so compassionate. I'm glad I found them. Or they found me.

There are some fabulous bloggers reading this blog, who actually care what goes on in our lives. Amazing, huh?

I'm not surprised by most of the bloggers who came forth earlier this week to mention that they are a blogger except for the Indian Textiles guy. That's new to me, but not totally surprising since I have a huge fascination for Indian culture and food. Perhaps he'll return and comment more often, not just for the blog roll list. And, then, there was the sweet lady from Working Mothers Without Guilt. She probably hasn't read much of my previous posts so we'll let her explore for a while before she commits to being on the blog roll.

So, Jadyn. So, Liana. Here are some of our blogging friends -- a few you know already -- and here's a little about them.

PJ Hoover. I've been impressed by PJ's writing blog for some time, how she tries eagerly to stay on task of writing, and inspiring writing. She's so motivated, actually, that she will become a published author next year in the young adult genre. I didn't even realize she had a non-writing blog.

Shannon. I told you about Shannon last week in a post about cyber soul mates. She is also mom of twins who were born only two weeks before you were. She blogs about writing, mostly.

MPJ. You know her because she comments here the most. MPJ writes passionately about various topics, but probably known most for her amazing ability to tell-all (anonymously) about her husband's sex addiction and how she's devoted to him after so many lies. That's love. But, that's not all. She has plenty other great topics that she discusses, including her autistic son who she once wrote is a lot like her, unlike her daughter. And, she reaches an audience of recovered addicts.

Candace. I had to laugh when Candace wasn't sure if she had a special interest. She wrote, "My only special interest tends to be my daughter though." Seriously, Candace, is anything else possible with children? Candace, a good ol' southern mama, has a 2-year-old, Anna, and just celebrated her wedding anniversary this week. She wrote a cute note to her husband that included this," You have suffered through chicken so dry you need a whole glass of water to swallow one bite." Candace also writes a cute blog from the perspective of Anna.

Kasie Sallee. An artist. An Oklahoman mommy to two girls, 5 and 2. What more can be written? She writes about the balance of mom and artist, including writers, on her blog The Art of Life. She is a passionate person, you can tell, by reading her posts.

Lesley. I hate to admit this, but this blogger just might have one of the cutest sets of twins around. Check out her boy/girl cuties who are just about 9 months old. She writes about being a mom of twins, and other topics related to being a mom.

Finally, I've linked to this guy, plenty, and he has numerous fans as it is. Though, not as many as his wife.

So, there you have it. A short but sweet list of bloggers to check out, if you haven't already.

As for the surprise, perhaps I built it up too much. Perhaps a housekeeper or a babysitter is really the only gift you'd be happy with. But, a little link love will just have to suffice. That, and the best gift of all ... which are both located in the very first line of this post.


lesleysmeshly said...

Thank you! When I was pregnant I had the fear "what if my babies are ugly (horrible, I know). Everybody said that even if they were I would never know because I will think they are the most beautiful babies. It is nice to know others think they are cute too. =) When I get an extra 10 minutes I'm going to check out the other links.

Shannon said...

Awe, showing some luv backatcha. (hugs) Thanks for sharing your cyber-friends. :-) Looking forward to checking out their links. By the way, "what's in a name" is an ironic post title, because for some reason I just saw your girl's names today. My son's name is Jayden, too! (spelled differently) Funny story, I was in the hospital at 21 wks with a huge scare and we were being positive and trying to come up with names. One of my nurses had a daughter named Jayden Paul. Since Paul is my hubby's middle name, I thought it was perfect.

Kasie Sallee said...

Thank you Shawn! That was very sweet of you to put a link to me.
I really appreciate it.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Thanks for sharing. Now I have a whole list of blogs to check out -- I just hope I make time before the kids are in college...

Your daughters have beautiful names!

You know, one of the reasons I haven't given my kids pseudonyms on my own blog is that I love their real names so much. I went to all this trouble and care in picking names that were beautiful and meaningful -- it doesn't seem right to change them.

PJ Hoover said...

Thank you for the wonderful mention, Shawn. You totally inspire me to write the letters to my kids that I have been promising myself I will write "one of these days." I have no idea why I've put it off for so long. Sigh. OK, I will do it ... how about before the end of September.
Have a great Fourth!

Candace & Anna said...

Thank you for the link to my sites as well. It was pretty cool look at your site and find my name in a post!!! I agree with MPJ that I couldn't make up a different name for Anna because I love hers so much. She is named after my grandmother and my husbands grandmother!