Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something about your daddy

Dear sweet babies,

Once a night, the last two weeks in a row, your wonderful daddy has fallen asleep on the floor between both of your cribs.
There is no carpet on that floor. Just hard wood. Just goldfish crumbs. Just chewable blocks.
After nearly an hour of crying at bedtime, he’s laid down on that cold floor, and waited for you two to fall asleep. He’s done it to help you, and to help me finally get a break after a long day of no breaks.
He’s done it after being gone nearly 12 hours, leaving often before you wake and arriving home just before you go to sleep. He’s done it after struggling with commuting to work so that we need only one car, and ultimately, can avoid putting you in day care. He’s done it for us.
He’s done it because that is the kind of man he is.
He’s the kind of guy who will patiently wait for the excess water to fall off the just-washed dishes so that a puddle doesn’t form under the drainer.
He’s the kind of guy who faithfully gets up between 4:30 a.m. and 5, does the dishes, the laundry, walks the dog, feeds the dog, starts my coffee and usually brings it to me, and then takes care of his needs -- all before heading off to work.
He’s the kind of father who never complained about being sleep deprived, though the bags under his eyes told a different story. He’s right there, by my side, caring for you all day long every weekend. And, when you're asleep, he’s busy working hard on other chores that have been long neglected in the last 18 months.
He’s the kind of man who, at soon-to-be 46, under-sells himself daily, and wrongfully allows others to undersell him, including me.
When times get hard – and they’ve been so hard at times -- blame him.
Because he’s the kind of man who will take the blame, who will shoulder it all, without complaint, that’s why.
And, he’s the kind of man who after running at 6:15 a.m.– not walking – 10 minutes to catch a commuter bus to get to work, misses it by a blink, even after whistling and waving, just runs back home, gets in the car and drives. He doesn’t throw a temper tantrum like I would. Even though, all of it means he doesn't see your precious, shiny faces that morning, a fact that I’m sure breaks his heart in two all day.
There are men who think they are stars because of the job they hold, because of the money they have, because of the power they carry over others.
He is not one of those men. He gives everyone, even the most evil, the benefit of the doubt, he believes in second and third chances.
He is a star, an angel, really, because he refuses to let a single day hold him back from enjoying what’s right here in front of him, which is either the two of you, or the TV, or me. Yes, in that order.
He’s the kind of father I never had, always wished I could get, and the one who will continue to fall asleep on cold, hard floors to make sure that the rest of us are happy and content.
Nothing else matters, really.

God, we’ll get through this. I promise.


InTheFastLane said...

I have been lurking here for a little while, but I had to come out of hiding for the post. It was so sweet. How lucky you and the girls are and how wonderful it is that you can see his sacrifices that he makes. Hang in there.

Shannon said...

Looks like Da! doesn't have to bring back the sexy. Now that is a sexy man. Lucky you!

Kasie Sallee said...

Beautiful post! Your girls are blessed to have both of you.

Candace & Anna said...

Awww you brought tears to my eyes with that one. He sounds like a truely wonderful man! If he has a brother my sister in laws is looking for a good man ;}

Mama Zen said...

That is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

He's the kind of man who has the kind of woman who can put it all in words.

bella said...

What a man.
And I am not surprised that it was this kind of man who fell for you, a woman of compassion and depth and honesty.
Thank-you for letting us a see a peek into the man you love.

lesleysmeshly said...

I'm glad you have such a wonderful, supportive husband. It makes all the difference in the world. He is lucky to have you just as you are to have him.

Momma Bean said...

What a beautiful testament to your husband! It brought tears to my eyes and reminds me to be thankful of my Daddy Bean. And to overlook his shoes in the hallway, every once in awhile. Lucky girls, all three of you.

charley*star said...

this is a beautiful post... brought tears to my eyes

Mean Mommy said...

What a beautiful post. You are lucky and your girls are lucky. I hope you don't mind, I posted this entry at Mommy Blog Roundup, a site that features the best daily mom blog posts I (and others) come across.

Anonymous said...

He is the greatest father I have known. He is great.!!!!!! Keep him forever. BB

kathy said...

What a wonderful post! How amazing your husband is...and how amazing it is the way you have described him through your writing.

Keri said...

Wow - that was beautiful. You girls are going to treasure that when they are older. Not only to know what kind of man their dad is but the obvious love & respect between their mother and father.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm just catching up after my vacation -- and this is so beautiful. Reminds me of all the reasons I love and stay with my husband, even when things are hard.

Moanna said...

I love that you gave your babies the kind of dad you always wished for. Really sweet posting.

ONEDIA said...

Fortune smiled when she brought this man to you. It was a satisfied and pleased smile.