Friday, August 3, 2007

Non-signs 2 and 3

The Da! still refuses to believe in signs so when we had an infestation of flies at our kitchen window yesterday, he thought nothing of it. Perhaps that's because he didn't have to see them, kill them all, kill more, then kill even more all day. So far today, none.

Instead, we had a basement full of water. Yup, a drenched basement discovered just 4.5 hours before a house showing. Only our second day of showing since the leak in the roof on Sunday.

And, this is not just any old puddle. This is gushing water inside and outside the house when water runs.

I don't know. If these aren't signs, what are they?


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! Okay, I'm a believer. What was that movie? the Amityville House? Only this time it's trying to say "DON'T get out of the house!" lol

Anonymous said...

A fly is a fly and the rain is the rain, but if you BELIEVE they are something else . . . well then, that's a different matter. I believe they are signs of creation, fruition, new life. What about you?

Wendy said...

i don't know anything about signs, but i can tell you i had a similar experience when we were selling our house so i called up our agent hysterical and she said calmly, "oh this stuff always seems to happen right before a showing"....really? is that true? what's up with that?