Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Water pouring down my face

Beautiful, earth-quenching rain is keeping us indoors today.

It is relieving in so many ways. The pressure to go outside, to get fresh air, to fill the empty moments with toddler-friendly activities, none of which are usually fun for me, are gone.

Inside, there is plenty we can do together that doesn't involve chasing two babies running in two directions, usually near some pile of dog poop left behind by The Dog. My worries of which plants could cause an illness, which mulch pile will be destroyed and how much grass will end up in my hair and their diapers are given the day off.

Instead of climbing in and out of lawn chairs, getting stuck and needing help out, they're shredding papers for me while sitting in and standing in plastic tubs. Oh, and taking off their clothes. The paper is everywhere. So are their clothes.

I am relieved. My shoulders are sinking away from my ears and deep breaths are coming to me after a night of hardly a wink of sleep.

We won't walk today either. That means no stroller swatting, poking and screaming matches to supervise. No strange characters to pass by near the homeless station or the stop. Of course, it also means no farmer's market produce to fill out plates the next couple days.

Instead, we'll just listen to the drops as they hit the metal roof. We'll watch as the water pours past our house and travels blocks and blocks away.

We'll play dress up, color and listen to great music. We'll nap. Maybe I will, too.

I'll dream of water pouring down my face, cleansing the worries away.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Rain can be so soothing and healing. One of my favorite toddler memories was actually taking my son to the park in the rain. We were the only ones there and we splashed and laughed. Of course, there was only one of him -- not two running in different directions.

lesleysmeshly said...

Enjoy it! I live in Las Vegas were it RARELY rains, so when it does it is a treat. Sometimes it's nice to sit indoors all day and play. I hope you get your nap. Should I be scared as my babies get older that I won't want to leave the house?!?!

bella said...

We've been having days of rain here too. I love it. The sound and the flow, the pounding and the pause. I love the way it makes the air muggy and thick. And, like you, I love those days in the heat of the summer when Leo and I play indoors or make believe.
Enjoy this respite and cooling and cleansing.

Kasie Sallee said...

I too have always loved those rainy days. (Although we've had a little too much lately!) There's just something soothing about the sound of the rain.

Candace & Anna said...

Can you send some rain this way! We are so hot we can't go out to play and it is killing Anna to be stuck inside ALL the time! I would love to go splashing in some puddles.

Momma Bean said...

Ah, I never thought of enjoying the benefits of being rained in like that! My Beans are at the "outside!!!" stage and they can't bear to see the rain come down. However, we did enjoy teaching each other a few new dance moves these past few days.