Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vacation fever

Dear J and L,

I recently read a blogger -- wish I could remember which one -- that wrote that once you have kids, there is no such thing as vacation any longer. It's just travel.

I can see how that is probably the case. Every day is hard work around here. The weekdays when I'm primary caregiver between 10 and 12 hours a day. Weekends, though while I do have some backup, the two of you have your way of keeping both of us busy all day.

While I'm sure a vacation would be just as physically demanding, my mind longs to be elsewhere. You probably sense that at times.

Your father and I have had some great vacations, though, so we can't complain. Our first was to the beach, which is where we're hoping to take you in a couple weeks. Summer can't be summer unless your toes touch the hot sand and your little meaty thighs are dotted with salt water. I would argue that summer isn't summer unless you sit for a couple hours picking hard shelled crabs until your fingers sting from Old Bay seeping into all the wounds caused by the labor. But, one thing at a time around here. Sometimes, I realize, we're lucky if we make it downstairs without a temper tantrum.

Our next vacation, I think, was to New York City. Since then, we got engaged in New Orleans, hugged and kissed our way across Grand Cayman and shopped and toured Boston/Cape Cod. Not so bad.

Soon, you will see what I'm talking about when I say that there is no better feeling than an ocean breeze hitting you square in the face, and a gaggle of sea gulls swarming around you.

You'll get it, too.

Nobody can escape vacation fever.


Mama Zen said...

Normally, I'd totally agree with you. Right this minute, though, I'm a little vacationed out!

Momma Bean said...

We haven't taken the girls on a proper vacation yet. Just to OK to visit relatives. We can't wait to! Have a wonderful time in NYC!

Shannon said...

Let the fever come! It will be worth it...the experience as a whole that is. :-) Let me know which one likes chasing the birds down the beach.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as vacation. No such thing as dinner out. No such thing as abs. No such thing as night. No such thing as anything!

And even though we're just an hour away, it can take us months to get to the beach, where we're going on our own vaca . . . err, trip, next weekend!