Thursday, August 16, 2007

Staying sane, I mean social

I have to admit, I sometimes have to drag myself out of this house. I never knew I was such a homebody.

At night, when we need milk or half and half, I usually prefer staying home and letting The Da! go out to buy them. I do make the once-a-week trip to the grocery store, but I even managed to skip out on that last week.

I know that I should leave the house, make some new friends. I know that socializing is both good for me, and for the family.

But, with no relatives close by -- my SILs, who do live nearby -- are not social with me, I'm forced to rely on friends. Since I'm not originally from here, my original group of friends don't live close either. Most of the friends I made here were from my ladder-climbing career life that didn't include sippy cups and kissing boo-boos.

Another aspect of the problem is that I always have a deadline looming, which means I am on the computer every second of the day when possible. That means, the cleaning, the de-cluttering from the day, has to be done at other times, especially since we want someone to buy the damn thing.

By day's end, I'm just too tired to go anywhere. I feel too sweaty, too mentally and physically exhausted to go out of my way to see people. Normally, I might shop -- because shopping does get me out of the house -- but I'm trying not to do that now.

Perhaps a gym membership, or a class would be good for me.

Perhaps I need to create a dating service for local isolated moms to meet other isolated moms. I guess a play group really wouldn't hurt, either.

My goal tonight is to get out of the house. For me. For my sake. For my sanity.


Shannon said...

I would totally be a recluse if it was possible, so I know how you feel. I have to say though, going back to the gym has been incredible. I get an hour to myself and am allowed to be sweaty and spastic in public. lol. Plus, the boys are benefiting from playing with the other kids (and me not being their only playmate.)I highly recommend this route.
I've been invited to some playgroups, but they meet places that aren't fenced in. You know how that works with two that run in different directions!

Momma Bean said...

I was just telling Daddy Bean that I need a hobby! One of my best friends lives three hours away and the other one is a newlywed doing newlywed things which usually involves wine and fabulous new restaurants, not diapers and The Wiggles. If there is a mommy dating service, sign me up!

Anonymous said...

if thisis letters to your daughters why do you use foul language in it?

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I am very active and outgoing...but I find myself more and more just want to stay home and not be interupted with constant phone calls and activities. I'm thinking its cause I'm getting old? ha ha

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I can relate. It is hard for me to get out of the house -- I don't have many local mama friends -- I spend my spare time writing... Whew!

BTW, I saw the comment about the foul language and had to search the post for it. Oh! Damn? Didn't even register! LOL! Good thing my blog is A Room of Mama's Own -- where, in the privacy of my kid-free zone, I can be (and am) as foul mouthed as I'd like. ;)

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I lived closer to you. BB