Friday, August 31, 2007

Zen is calling. Is anyone home?

A wise woman once said on this blog that, "YOU make the house great with your happiness. But either way, your next house finds you, not the other way around. "Let the future come to you."

I absorbed those words, partly because Buddhism is speaking to me. It has been for a long time now. Nineteen months, to be exact.

I am far from being Buddhist. But, I'm closer to that than I am of being anything else.

So, trying to live in the moment, trying to find zen in everyday life, I can't help but come back to those words she wrote when I posed the question house vs. location.

In a perfect world, financial situations would allow location over house. But, for many people, that is not possible. We are sitting on the fence with a house that isn't sold, but a longing for a house that is just tippy-toe out of our reach. We know we can afford it, but part of our move is to help offset costs related to our decision to live on one income.

So, I'm left with a lump in my throat, and knot in my stomach thinking that the near-perfect house, which I've already labeled the House of Zen because it is simply simple, just might escape us.

I'm returning to Maezen's words over and over.

My Mom says things work out for a reason. I'm not sure about that. Things work out, but not necessarily for a reason. They just end. And, it's up to us to find the positive in such situations.

That just might be what happens.

Awake parents: If you do nothing else today, go to Karen's site and watch her video.


bella said...

Yes! Go see, listen, really hear.

And I suppose the future comes to us whether we want it to or not, feel ready or not. It just does, just is.
Your new home will find you. And I know so well the struggle in the wait. thinking of you today,

Candace & Anna said...

I have to say I agree with your Mom. Everything does happen for a reason. We may not always figure out the reason but rest assured there is one. The question is are we willing to find the reason or do we just want to accept "whatever".