Saturday, May 5, 2007

Check it, ladies!

So, the other day, in an egomaniacal moment, I wanted to see if any Google searches would lead to my blog. Yeah, yeah ... if you're a writer, you understand this. I've Googled my own name for as long as I can remember. Get over it. You just never know where the heck you'll find your writings.

My results led me to a rather surprising find: another blog with the same title! I'm pretty sure I searched high and low (or UP and Down, as you both like to mimic!) and never ran across such a title. Well, when I read through this blog, the first thing I read is that she read another woman's blog that involved letters to her daughters and she thought this was a good idea and so she started her own -- within the last month or so!

I wasn't sure how I felt about this, as I hadn't done anything to protect my name or writings, because I never thought what I had to say or write would be interesting enough to be stolen. Not that her content was the same, but she is also the mother of toddler twin daughters and so it was eerily similar. Yikes!

Not cool, lady, if you are reading. Create a new title for your blog! I know she didn't know better and was just genuinely trying to do something nice, but it's the whole creative license thing to consider. You could title it something like ... Dear Such and Such, or whatever.

The Da! and I discussed it and I decided to take matters into my own hands. You know me, I don't like to be held down by The Man, or The Woman, in this case.

So ... Announcing:! Check it in your subject line! Yup, I own a Web site domain. Righteous! Or, can I make up the word, Writeous!

Anyway, I also have protected the original content in this blog under a creative license, which can be found at the bottom of the site. Basically this means you can quote anything I write as long as you give me credit. This is just basic writing rules, but clearly not everyone understands this. If the other blogger had known this, she might have used my URL in her post when she talked about my blog. That is just a courtesy thing.

I'm excited to have my own URL, so this has been a fun, learning experience. Much like learning that going to Target with two fairly new walkers and only one cart that can strap a baby in is definitely not as enjoyable as going alone. But, still, worth doing and definitely fun!


maryanne6828 said...

What's up with that! I'm glad to see you did something about it!

BTW, I love your blog. The twins look just like you! :) What a great way for me to keep up on all that is going on in your world!

Mary Anne

Seraph said...

Good for you.

The fact that she openly states she got the idea from you... and then used the same name?? That's just low. Hopefully she read your entry and has altered her behaviour. It would have been different if you'd both had the same idea and weren't aware of each other at the beginning of either blog, but that doesn't seem to be the case on her part.

Also, being someone who's been working on and off again for the past 3 years on a book that I've been calling "Letters to my Daughter: all the things I never told you (or didn't tell you enough)" I routinely google variations of that title. I was shocked the first time I did and found that not only was I NOT the only one writing such letters, but that there were already several published works (both in print and in various formats on line, not to mention the music) spanning quite a number of years. It's not a new trend! My idea wasn't all that original after all, but I can honestly say that I'd never heard of anything like that before! (Yes, I'm a hermit. LOL)

Do I still work on the book? Yes, and I'm trying to come up with a title I like better. Do I still plan to submit it for publishing? No, though I may find a way to print it up in book form just for my daughter (as opposed to handing her a notebook with a bunch of printed pages in it).

Your daughters are lovely, and I'm loving your blog.