Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In a flash, it was found!

Dear girls,

When I tell you that your father has had one disability in our marriage, I'm referring to his inability to sometimes find the obvious things for which he's searching. You know, like something in the refrigerator that might require the shifting of one or two items in order to see it. It's been a long running joke for us.

So, last Friday night, after my bickering began because I was so upset I lost one of my brand new earrings, you can imagine my hesitation when The Da! asked me if he should go search for it.

If he has trouble finding the salad dressing under the bright light of the fridge, how in the world would he find something the size of his pinkie nail in a rocky, woodsy, hilly park at dusk? It would be challenging.

But, he was up for it, and I felt we needed to do something. I had looked at our pictures of the day and saw that pictures at the park proved the earring had already fallen out.

To the park he went. The sun was setting over the river. He arrived shortly before the gates would close, and all park keepers would head home.

He walked straight to the picnic table where we ate that day's lunch -- you know the one you sat on top of, but refused all of the foods we brought for you? That's the one.

At just about 8 p.m., he called me. I was here at the computer, preparing for the bad news.

"I found it," he cheered. I immediately sensed the pride in his voice. As if finding that little earring -- part of my anniversary gift -- makes up for all of his, "I can't find its."

And, in many ways, it did.

For a while, at least.


Eva said...

In answer to your wonder... I'm reading!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad he found the earring!

BTW, my husband also can't find anything in the bright light of the refrigerator. Very frustrating!