Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday Toddler Theme


We are going to continue our exploration of the outside world. After months of being bottled up like a jar of Hoisin sauce in the pantry, we are enjoying being able to run about in areas larger than the average sized room. I don't care if you get dirty. I don't care if you experiment with the tastes of mulch or mud, for that matter.

Among our activities recently, we have been painting with water with old paint brushes. You love to see how the water "colors" our red steps, the concrete, the bricks. And, no mess for me to clean up! You love pushing your toy trucks and even being pushed on them by Mama at the same time. You -- not me -- have tried picking up ants, but haven't had any luck. We've enjoyed spotting every single bird that enters our yard.

We've learned to point out body parts on the ornamental frog:


We've learned to share:


We've learned what twigs taste like:


And, we most recently discovered that we don't need to drop a hefty buck on a sand and water table because we have a Lawn Buddy. It is a perfect tool for dipping paint brushes in for water, scooping up bird seed with plastic spoons or just plain splashing around.

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The Da-Da said...

The Da-Da is wondering: What's hoisin sauce and what would you use it with (any recipes?)

Shawn said...

Oh, right ... I forgot you need a tutorial in food products, especially those that don't involve crust, sauce and cheese. I added a link to Hoisin ... maybe that will help you. You have eaten it ... but not for a long time, hence its shelf life.

The Da-Da said...

don't be mean...