Thursday, May 24, 2007

Twins in the news

Both times that I heard about the 60-year-old woman who this week gave birth to twins, I was crashed on the couch. Seriously. Not an hour goes by that I don't wish I had more energy. I wish I could keep up better, not just with you girls, but with housework and my fitness level. I wish I looked better. I wish I felt better. I wish I had time to do yoga.

And, I'm about 30 years younger than this woman. Of course, if she's in absolute great shape, perhaps she will have an easier time of it. Perhaps.

I do know that after my Cesarean, I refused ALL visitors and the idea of dressing up and participating in a television interview was the last thing on my mind. I was consumed not just those first few days, but the entire first year with my two glorious, amazing babies.

"It's wonderful," this mother said this morning on the Today show.

She's not even out of a wheel chair and she's saying it's wonderful. And, who's watching the babies while she's spending time on television?

Talk to me in three months when you've had nothing more than three-hour sleep intervals. Talk to me in a year when they are toddling in different directions.

I hope she has a gazillion more energy and stamina than I, because she will need it. Perhaps she'll have some helping hands to give her a 10 minute break now and then, though. Something I only dream about.

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