Tuesday, May 1, 2007

You are talking!

Just not orally.

That should get your grandmothers worked up!

When you were just 10 months old, I started teaching you sign language. I had heard that some twins will have a language delay and so I was planning for that in case of an emergency. I had a book, a couple videos and my own knowledge thanks to my grandmother bringing me along to a sign language class when I was about 8 years old.

Milk was your first sign and super easy to learn. Since then, I taught you a few other essentials like "eat" and "cracker" and "more." Sometimes you get cracker and more a little mixed up, but I think we've discovered a way to make it work. Sometimes you'll sign milk when you just want something, period. Like to go outside.

I stopped teaching you most signs, but will do one here and there. Now, at nearly 16 months, you know how to sign the words: clothes, fish, hat, sleep, up and down, "all done" and probably some more that I can't even think of right now because there is so much commotion in my office right now (think The Da and think The Dog).

I do think that you, Jbyrd, have said a few words and both of you will mimick any sound I throw at you like cha, ba, shhha, ta, etc. You also do great gorilla, dog and fire truck noises.

Now, if we could just work on those sudden tempers that flare up so quickly that sign language didn't rise to the surface fast enough to let me know what you need.

When I don't know a sign, and it's not on the Videos, I just go to one of these two Web sites.

Still, as great as all this non-verbal communication, it will be really wonderful when you can finally tell me, "I'm hungry, Mama."

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Nicole and Braydon said...

Good Morning girls! I can't wait to teach Braydon some of the sign language. I bought the Baby Einstein video for him!