Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some Top Fives to help parents

As it turns out, much of the Top 5 lists have a lot to do with blogging, self-help or something else entirely. Not much in Mamaland. But, in my first real quick scan of the list of nearly 900 lists ... here are 5 of the 5s that I think are worth checking out. I warn you that I might feature another set of 5 next week if I find some I like. You'll recall that I listed my Top 5 last week ...

First up, is from blogger Patricia Smith Gundry of Enjoyville, who lists Top 5 things to do (on computer) for a 5 minute break. I know I tend to spend it blogging, surfing blogs and on my twins forums, but now that I have these tips perhaps I'll take a real break sometime.

Next, is a funny post by Raising4Boys about why boys are better than girls ... and then another for why girls are better than boys. I like how she keeps it balanced, and fun.

My third choice, is by What is the Secret? and gives a list for how to stop being a perfectionist. Is this possible? The list says it is so. Let me know if it works for you.

Fourth: I like how this post speaks to dads, especially single and divorced dads. Dadvisor gets it right.

And, finally, the last Top 5 I'll recommend today is Parenting Sites list of Top 5 children's craft sites. We can never have enough ideas in the backs of our minds to keep our tots happy ... at least I don't.

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Alli Crumley said...

Thanks for the mention! I love crafts and crafts with kids. I can't wait until my two year old gets into it too.