Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Inspiration Wednesday

I'm feeling scattered, like my brain is a bucket of shapes that are never in the sorter. Too many ideas are floating around in my head. Too many thoughts are crowding the organizational stream of brain waves.

So, I want to give you some things to think about.

T-shirt sayings I love: This is a MUST for moms with twin toddlers. I mean, what better way to describe how we feel like collapsing at the end of a day of just being a mom? Plus, check out Wendy's tips ... these are fresh and new ideas.

Food toddlers love: Can you say Quesadillas? Yeah, see recipe below. Perfect toddler fare. This perfect food can be made in various ways, just look at this one!

Inspiration. Period: Raising Small Souls. This video has been going around and around, but it's worth viewing over and over. And, if you haven't seen it before, thank me later. Be sure to click on the purple box, "Animal School."

My version of Quesadillas is super simple and healthy. I use whole wheat flour tortillas, organic refried black beans and taco seasoned shredded cheese. I have a quesadilla maker, but find that spraying a skillet with spray and cooking it that way turns out better, especially for my tots. J&L love them and if they like them a lot, your children will, too.

Do you have any version of quesadillas to share? A T-shirt saying you'd like to wear today? Or, some inspiration for this lovely Wednesday?

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