Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm in love!

Yes, it's true.

I met someone. I felt like we really connected. For once, I felt understood. Like every word I said was being heard. It was a whirl-wind feeling, like being swept off my feet and then twirled around and around and around. I never felt more beautiful --at least not since long before the two of you were pulled harshly from my body. It was just an hour, but one can learn a lot in 60 minutes. Just think of all the messes you create, that I clean up, and then you recreate in that time.

Yes, my sweet girls, I have found a hair stylist that I know I will be loyal to for the very first time in my life.



PJ Hoover said...

Then you will be the first woman in history to exhibit such loyalty. :)

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Congrats!!! I've given up the search and have settled for Hair Cuttery. At least they're affordable. (I am "blessed" in the sense that God gave me naturally curly hair that kind of styles itself, so I wear my hair short and all I do is walk in and ask for a boy's haircut or sometimes just say, Haley Barry. They usually get it right.)

Shawn said...

pj -- isn't it sad? why is it so hard to find a good one??

in pursuit: i have naturally curly hair, too, but short is not possible with it. it's shoulder length now and that is about perfect.