Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mamas! Read your blogs!


Some of our readers are a little new to The Blogosphere. Remember the days when Mama read her first blog, or two? Oh, the nights -- the long nights. A year later, I'm even more addicted.

So, I decided to write a Top 5 for why all moms, even the busiest among us, should read blogs:

1. To connect with people in our Big, Big World: There are people out there who think like you, in fact, they just might be everywhere. You can hang all day at the local playground, or all night in a bar, but to really get someone, you need to read their diaries. Blogs are an easy way to do that, without all the weird sneaking.

2. To get the real news: Aren't women, mothers especially, tired of today's mainstream news? Blogs offer a fresh perspective on newsy and non-newsy topics.On blogs, you'll find unique, moving, inspiring, heart-tugging stories that can educate you, motivate you, improve you and let you walk away unscathed.

Just because you can find positive, inspiring stories and posts in Blogworld, doesn't mean it stops there. Bloggers every day are uncovering news stories that big fancy news reporters can only dream of. And, it's alternative news so think of it as knowing something that very few know. It's also a great way to fact check the news stories you have heard or read today. By looking deeper into a topic that interests you, you are doing yourself, your children and this world a service. You are seeking the truth and realizing the big picture. That is invaluable.

3. To get mothering advice: Even if you aren't looking for the answer to a specific question, you might learn a new activity, find a new way to connect with your child, or improve your relationship with your partner. What better way to grow than to read about other women who have experienced something similar. And with the vast number of mothers blogging, you are sure to find one that gets you at hello.

4. To uncover the world at your finger tips: Just because you live in Middle America and can't afford a vacation doesn't mean you can't travel in your mind. What better way to get to know other destinations, other cultures, than to read stories written by the people who live there. Travel blogs are a great way to uncover a new community, too, so if you are considering moving, check out a blogger's site in that dream spot.

5. To find new recipes: Come on, we all love food. Many of us love to cook, or maybe just like to cook. But all moms have to cook sometime or another. And we're always wondering what the heck to make for dinner as we eye the takeout menus. Food blogs are amazing resources for tried-and-true recipes. It's not enough to go to a standard recipe site, you need real women's stories about The Keepers -- those that will go down in their hall of fame, or shame. You want to read how to improve it, how the kids liked it, or, which of those will be sent along with the mounds of junk on trash day.

So, go now, get reading. Start here, where many other bloggers are forming their own Top 5 lists. Who knows where you will end up ... just make sure the kids are sleeping. It could be a long, long night for you.


Jenn in Holland said...

Ah, this was very clever. I love the way you snuck in all the links. I read all the way through and then made my best guess as to which of the coded words was me... and I was right!
Thanks for the link and I am really looking forward to the new reads!

org junkie said...

That was so creative, I loved it!


The Da said...

good job dropping in some of my news and political sites!

Anne Glamore said...

Great site!

Yep-- I give advice (that not everyone should take), recipes, tell of adventures raising 3 boys, and have made tons of web friends.

My guys are in elementary school now- twins are 8 and oldest is 11. Check out their top 5 at my site...