Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's your song?

Ah, music. When just the right song comes along, it can really ease the pain and soothe the soul. Or, in other cases, it can open the wound right back up and tear off the nasty scab, leaving you blinking in shock. Funny how it works that way. Songs that made me cry when I was just an adolescent girl still leave me feeling hurt inside, like it was yesterday. And, believe me, it was far, far, far from yesterday.

Still, I'm in a much better mood when I'm listening to music. I realized that the other day. Going room to room, upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside, walks, car rides, diaper changes, fixing meals, cleaning up after meals, writing projects due yesterday ... music -- great songs -- have been elusive in my schedule.

This is where you come in. I need help. I need song suggestions to put on my spankin' new, hot pink iPod. I'm clueless. I go to itunes and I'm blank. I have a whopping nine songs on it, and one was an accidental download of "Silent Night" from Christmas time. It was a freebie. I am so not technical that I didn't know how to NOT put it on my playlist on the iPod. Now, I'm forced to fast forward every time I hear it. It's the Sarah McLachlan version so it's beautiful, but come on, it's 70 degrees outside!

Anyway, I like just about any music. Some of my favorites and the ones I have uploaded now are Nickelback, Doughtry, John Mayer, and Evanescence. I like singer-songwriters, low-tempo R&B, and stuff like Nickelback and Mayer ... where we live there isn't anything ever good on the radio so I stopped trying to search when you were born, girls. I just can't focus on finding something for so long.

The problem is now that I am so unhip in so many ways -- being musically challenged is one of them. I used to be able to at least know enough to search for a name of a band or a song, but not so anymore. Now, all the songs in my repertoire go a lot like this, "The Wheels on the bus go round and round ..." or "I'm a little tea pot ..." or, my personal favorite, "Brush, brush, brush your teeth ..."

So, dear readers, can you offer up some great ADULT song titles or artists that I should check out for possible download? I want to be moved, inspired, energized, soothed (when the babies are out of hand).

Please, no country or Gospel/Christian music selections. It's not that I'm not into those, I'm just not into them when I'm taking a quick walk for some exercise, which is mainly when I'll be using my iPod. No holiday music, either.

Oh, and no hard core rap lyrics ... I get enough of that kind of talk from my fellow neighbors.

What soothes your soul?

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maryanne6828 said...

I like the Fray and Coldplay. I've also found that I like movie soundtracks. Two of my favorites are Garden State and Stealing Beauty. The Stealing Beauty soundtrack doens't have a bad song on it!

I don't have an iPod, so I can't help you with downloading the music.

Mary Anne