Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yummy Toddler Food Wednesdays

Dear J and L:

There you were, lying there, in the middle of the kitchen floor, snuggling both together and with your teddy bears.

Quiet. Still. Nothing more.

I grew concerned as the lunch hour grew closer and closer and as I fixed your meal in a much less panicked manner than usual and you were just laying there. Quiet.
None of the usual shirt tugging, leg hanging, pick-me-up whines. None of the fights over toys that inevitably occurs when you are so hungry. None of the crying fits that result in Mama dropping what I'm doing -- which only delays your meal longer -- so I can tend to your broken heart.

Cowering above you, I kept saying: "Are you OK?" 'This is not normal." "What's wrong?"

Having just spent a rocking time outside for about an hour, I knew that you had seemed healthy and fine then.

You just needed to be still -- nothing more. Just for five minutes. It started as a game, but I think you realized how nice it felt to just relax, to just let go for a bit.

Toward the end of that spell, some kicking at each other began and then some soft wrestling/hugs began.

And then you were up in a flash and normalcy kicked in. But, this time, I was ready. Your lunch was on the plate, just waiting for your little hands to dig in.

Here's our Yummy Wednesday Food -- just for toddlers.

I hope you give me some time today to make it. Just five minutes.

Nothing more.

Edited to add that this recipe was not a hit with the girls, though Lbyrd, who loves most veggies, did try a bite or two. Jbyrd used to try everything once or twice, but now that is out of the question. I usually re-try foods about a month apart, but I have to say that even I wasn't that thrilled about these. They were easy to put together, but the flour dredging was time consuming and messy. Not exactly easy work with two tots under feet.

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