Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If only I had know then, what I know now

I might have had a different blog title, like The Uber Twins. I might have had a different style of writing all together. But I didn't know anything. In fact, this blog was started to simply practice blogging as I anticipated blogging on a more public forum. Then, I learned that that opportunity wasn't going to happen.

But, now it is. I think. And then another opportunity still lies out there in waiting, in purgatory, in leave-my-nails drumming on the desk anticipation. So, perhaps those ideas in the back of my mind will see the light of the screen, some day.

Yet, here I am, Letters to my Daughters. Our blog title is on blog rolls -- like, 3 of them. Including this one, which truly cracks me up. I love the blogger's ability to express herself. I love that she included me on her blog roll.

So here we are. Where are we? Readers are growing, but only because they like my menus on Mondays. Or because I leave obsessive-compulsive please-come-visit-my-blog comments all around this here Internets. I can't help if if I can write and watch television (Go Blake!)and conduct phone interviews in the same block of time -- newsrooms do that to a woman.

My point to this post, believe it or not, is to announce that I have finally created a Gmail account. Much like joining Technorati, Feed burner and Google Analytics, Gmail is one of those "it will make you feel good" geeky things that bloggers tout.

Blogging truly has turned my tired, antiquated self into someone who actually knows what the heck she's doing in terms of Web site design and using modern day technology as well as social marketing. And, to think, I had to become a stay-at-home Mama to do it! Take that Leslie Bennetts.

Wanna give me a shout out? Email me at ubertwins at gmail dot com.

I am not sure why I didn't just give the actual e-mail address, but this is how all the cool bloggers do it so they must know something I do not (spam, probably). I guess I'll figure that out some day.

Stay tuned for that public blog I'm talking about, which will debut in a couple of weeks. It will be uber cool. That I know for sure.

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Oh, pshaw with the modesty! As someone who has you on her blog roll, I'm here because you write beautifully, with honesty and gentleness and humor, about your two lovely little girls. And I'm the one who left you the obsessive-compulsive please-come-visit-my-blog comment, not the other way around.

Good luck in the new venture, and oh boy do I admire you stepping it up with an e-mail address. I can barely keep up with writing my blog, let alone answering e-mail!