Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What? Quit coffee?

That was my first reaction to this article that popped out of the page on Steve Pavlina's personal development Web site. I'm all about personal development. But, I'm also all about coffee. When I pry open my eyes in the morning, I like the focus to land on a nice hot cup of Java. If it's not there -- The Da! makes it for me each day -- then I just want to close my eyes again. I don't think it always used to be that way. Am I addicted?

I know that to get through a day with the two of you pulling me in a million directions, it doesn't hurt to have some coffee. I mean, this T-shirt saying wasn't invented by me. Then, maybe another cup later on to revive the day, especially when a pile of deadlines await an action of some sort. So many things, so little time.

Still, Pavlina makes some good points, like spending too much time on lesser important tasks (hmm. like blogging?) And, then he offers this link, which makes even more good points.

I have to wonder, am I actually being less productive than I think I am on caffeine?

What do you think? Is coffee helping or hurting you? Do you think quitting caffeine would help or hinder your productivity?

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PJ Hoover said...

Coffee is a small pleasure in life. Quitting would be one more thing to worry about and distract you from your creativity.
Don't do it!